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Talking mold management

A mold manufacturing process management challenges
    As we all know: In a plant, the Department of mold is more difficult to manage a department, master mold belong to very "character" of technical personnel, management personnel (manager or supervisor) Department of mold, not only do technical guidance, also have to deal with heavy personnel management and organization of work. So, most of the mold of the manager or supervisor we have seen are very "busy". Why are they so "busy" mean? That is because they are constantly deal with aspects of the progress of the mold problem boss, business, customers ask every day, every day must spend more than half the time to monitor the progress of the mold manufacturing.

We might comprehensive look, boss, business, customers often asked question, what does? In fact, we found that no more than the following:

A. How much mold has completed more than one hundred?

B. mold the timely completion and delivery?

C. There are no problems with the manufacturing process?

D. When there is a problem how to solve?

Therefore, the management staff of the Department of mold in order to meet the above-mentioned problems, you have to spend a lot of time each day to face questioning under the master, to go through them to find out about the situation of the mold, a mold of the assumption that there are 50 sets of molds in manufacturing , each mold there are dozens or even more than one hundred parts, each piece there are 3-7 craft (such as design, CNC, heat treatment, wire cutting, EDM, grinding, insert molding and test mode), each There are twenty or thirty hands master piece by managers arranged successively in the processing, management must understand that at the same time which is more than 1,000 artifacts and production processes, and then experienced management staff will be made this figure nerve high tension!

Second, the change in management thinking, solve management problems

Is there any good way to be able to solve the problems of mold department managers do? Based on our experience, managers need a change of management thinking, we can "miraculous", it simply speaking, is to go before the questioning by the management under the master mold way into: the workers affiliated Reporting mold maker reaches out to managers managers want to know.

Ever since, a lot of smart managers will design some "production reports" to manage the work of the department, but often due form designed to be unreasonable and not comprehensive, so that "there is character," the master mold considered aggravated his workload, it is easy to generate resentment; while the data collected up, and are often just the master mold processing time for a simple statistics, can not be kept informed of mold manufacturing process the actual situation, combined with time-consuming manual analysis, analysis degree level is very limited, so more just to achieve data archiving, and managers are very concerned with the progress of the analysis, workload analysis, anomaly analysis can only provide very limited help, the managers of these reports and more will flow in form, but the effect did not really take advantage of the still return to the original formula】 【experience management.

Based on the Syrian situation, we have to implement an effective program, designed "production reports", the first thing to consider is necessary to focus on management concerns can be resolved, but also data collection easier.

Management of key personnel concerned:

1. How many die that day or the workpiece machining;

2. Process and the completion date of the proportion of processing;

3. The time it takes the date;

4. Day in the process of production status: smooth / note / dangerous / pause;

5. The reason the date appearing in the process of problem and solution.

Mold management is extremely cumbersome and complex, if you want to achieve fine control every minute, we think is a luxury worth the wait; we believe that in view of the actual situation of mold management, we recommend from the "people-oriented" concept, with "simple and practical" in principle, do not let the master mold appear rebellious psychology, you can design a very simple and easy to fill out the form, we believe 10% of daily chef available, 20%, 30% ..... 100 % other ways to fill in the schedule, and according to the "people-oriented" concept, by the contrast master work plan for four progress control methods, such as "1, 2, 3, 4" represent "smooth / note / dangerous / Pause "Simple and clear reporting to work, so that the progress of the way, chefs can not take more than five minutes a day to fill in this" production reports ", truthfully reflect production, while managers can quickly check on the production of abnormal , and when the boss returns and customer assistance or questions.

Master mold focus of concern

A. whether each doing their own thing going into the computer;

B. Do you want to fill in a lot of work statements;

C. Reporting allows administrators if seen.

By this [self-report] after a good way to collect the raw data, just like before, if a little simple to do statistical work hours as a mere formality that will make this method, resulting in failure, therefore, we must make use of these reports data within an accurate analysis, providing the most accurate basis for decision-making managers.

Third, the use of computer systems, improve the management level

[Style] by way of self-reported good chefs work collecting data, if manpower to statistical analysis, not only need to have a strong sense of responsibility census takers, but also need to have considerable work experience, and often spend a lot of time to analyze the data, but also often a lot of mistakes, for managers, not have any help, it will make this method a mere formality, which leads to failure, therefore, we must make use of these reports come in data, accurate analysis, provide the most accurate basis for decision-making of managers, we all know, the computer has an extremely powerful data analysis capabilities with the processing, if to be with advanced computer technology, analysis, managers will be able to bring a multiplier effect.

Back in 2005, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) have a plan: "the use of computer inion management to enhance corporate mold," and crown technology with years of management experience in the management of the mold industry, becoming partners in this project, specifically the introduction of a mold industry for the current system to help manage the use of computer systems assist managers to improve the management level; operational processes is collected as long as the teacher to fill a good day to go to work every morning report, clerk to the data within one hour to complete After the entry computer system, all who care about the progress of the mold can check the latest status of their own within the network.

Fourth, the new trend of the future management of

Many companies after the introduction of computerized management, managers can stay at home, to know the progress of the Department of mold manufacture each mold, as before, personally went without questioning each workshop master, you can easily check to every production progress of the mold, a lot of work to easily!

Accurate to each process, the production schedule each piece of inion through networked systems, real-time feedback to the various departments and levels of management personnel, greatly reducing management questioning.

Managers can quickly know what is expected and mold can not complete the task on time, so you can make timely adjustments to the work plan, arrange countermeasures, for the timely completion of production tasks through the system.

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