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2018 will become one of the world\'s largest manufacturing base mold

"Currently, the mold has been increasingly felt in Europe from China and the impact of peer pressure is expected that by 2018, China became one of the world's largest mold manufacturing base." Sub RWTH Aachen University, Germany issue such a sigh when to die before the visit of the manufacturing base in Ninghai Professor Alexander force. Alexander said that according to relevant research departments for investigation, the European mold design and production time should be faster than the Chinese were around 44% and 61%, but the Chinese mold design and production costs, but only 91% of their European counterparts, because China The low cost of labor on the part of foreign customers has a strong appeal. Meanwhile, the mold competition between Europe and the countries of the world increased accordingly, like the whole mold price in Germany within the past two and a half fell by about 25%. According to statistics, 58% of the world a few years ago was produced by molds Germany and other Western European countries, the proportion of China and other Asian countries account for only 1%, but in the future will die Eastern European countries have a more substantial growth, while Asian countries production ratio will increase to about 22%. The professor said happily, given the good momentum of sustained, rapid and cheap Chinese labor cost advantage and overall economic development, the development prospects of China's mold will be very broad. "But that does not mean that all of China's development is so ideal and perfect." Alexander believes that because of China's market prematurely into a price war of misunderstanding, lack of independent innovation capability, there is no corresponding build from honest and reliable market system, especially with 65% of European customers think China mold price was low but the quality is not good. An ideal solution is to strengthen bilateral cooperation in Central Europe, the European countries out orders and drawings, Chinese mold companies in charge of the completion of the design and manufacture, and in the process of continuous learning in Europe advanced technology and management concepts, accelerate industrial transion, and strive to improve their own core strengths and competitiveness. Such as improving customer satisfaction, companies in addition to fuss at low price, the more important is to require short delivery times, product quality, high integrity, as far as possible so that they understand the product development, design and production of the entire Process enterprises to define their main direction and strengthen mutual cooperation between timely and effective manner to respond to customers' needs.

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